Youth European Exchanges



Title : “Passport for employability”

Date: 18-28 July 2011

Number of participants: 13 participants + 2 leaders

Ages:  16- 24 years

Venue : Bernay – Haute Normandie

Project description: A lot of people have hobbies in their dailylife or freetime. All these activities allow to develop andlearn skills. So we have built our project on knowledge’s young from their pastime. But daily how can I use my own skills to enhance myself on labour market ? And now at European level, how can I use my own competences to enhance my employability to become an active European Citizenship? So we think that for a best employability we need to have confidence in oneself, to have an openminded and to encourage European mobility. The aim of this exchange will be to discuss about employability at young people and how to enhance their confidence/open-mind/mobility. From the themes média/communication and Education through sport and outdoor activities, youngsters will organise, practice and introduce their own hobbies.  [ three countries : France,Irland and Romania ]

 Transport :  70 % from the amount is refundable  ( depends  on the price of the  plane tickets)

APPLICATION – Passport for employability


Title : FIRE and ICE – „the european tolerance project“

Date: 24-31 July 2011

Number of participants: 6 participants

Ages:  16-24 years

Venue:  Carinthia

 Project description: Fire and Ice: Two of nature’s elements that could not oppose each other more. Furthermore, these elements also represent our fast paced and globalised world. The Project FIRE & ICE “The European Tolerance Project” is dedicated to the various interpretations of these two elements and is based on the theme ‘Discrimination of Cultures and Environment.’FIRE & ICE is a Project, that provides young people from the European Union the opportunity to exchange ideas about the topics; racism, minorities, climate change and, alternative energy resources. The groups will acquire and discuss certain topics with a trainer in daily workshops. There’s also a unique leisure program focusing on the themes of the project.

 Transport :  70 % from the amount is refundable  ( depends  on the price of the  plane tickets)

APPLICATION – Fire and Ice

 Selection criteria: Age, Language skills, Interests related to the theme and tools, Previous experience, Motivation

Application process: for further information/questions and for the application form write at Afterwards, send the application form filled, saved in pdf format with the title:   Name.Surname.Passport.pdf / Name.Surname.Fire.pdf to the address:

Important: Until the effective implementation of the projects will be held meetings  having like aim the training of the participations about  the main activities established in the projects


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