Youth exchanges – Romania


1.Title :  “ Latinity in Europe”

Date: 08.08.2011 – 20.08.2011

Number of participants: 6 participants

Ages:  16- 24 years

Venue: Costesti ( Hunedoara)

Project description: It is a multicultural project between Italy,France,Malta, Spain,Serbia,Portugal, Moldova and Romania who has like aim to increase the level of some informations regarding history, culture, traditions and the habits of youngs which come form the latin countries using  non-formal tools like: seminars or workshops. The project at the  same time is in concordance with the priorities of Youth in Action Programmee related european citizenship, the youth involvement, cultural diversity and the social inclusion of people with low possibilities and also with the theme of the European Year for Combating Poverty and Social Exclusion.

The objectivs of this project :

• the development of cultural environments ;

• the increasement of youth participation in preserving the national identity, traditions and habits;

•  to   fostering the communication within the group;

The main themes of the activities : art and european culture. ( ATCE -Speranta Ramniceana)

Transport : approximately 20 €  

APPLICATION -Latinity in Europe

2.Title :  “Sport as a Lifestyle”

Date: 23.08.2011- 30.08.2011

Number of participants: 6 participants

Ages:  16- 24 years

Venue Project description: Costinesti

Project description: It is a multilateral project, developed with the participation of 5 partners from Romania, Turkey, France, Portugal and Italy, which will take place from 02.07.2011 to 02.02.2012 in Costinesti, Romania. The target group consists of 35 young (30 participants + 5 group leaders) from the 5 communities, which in a period of seven days will implement activities in a common framework based on a double theme: sport and art through film and video art. The  project is to promote sports activities on the beach, as a means of harmonious development of human mind and body, as well as video art and photography as a means of promoting young people’s artistic abilities and skills. The objectives set for our project are consistent with the overall objectives of the Programme “Youth in Action”, as follows: promoting active citizenship of young people through participation in activities in a common framework, develops solidarity and promote tolerance among young people, especially in to strengthen social cohesion in the European Union, equality and tolerance, fosters mutual understanding between young people from different countries by taking some common behavioral patterns, and thus promoting European cooperation in youth. Mentioned objectives will be developed and fulfilled through the following activities set out in our project: workshops, teambuildings, brainstorming sessions, seminars, Survivour type activities, which will have a significant impact on physical and intellectual development of youth group target.  Practical method by which these objectives will be met is represented by activities involving young people in non – formal, continuous generating competent to maintain the spirit of youth, as well as promote a dynamic and active tone. ( A.T. – Onix )

Transport : approximately 20 €    

APPLICATION -Sport as a Lifestyle

Selection criteria: Age, Language skills, Interests related to the theme and tools, Previous experience, Motivation

Application process: for further information/questions and for the application form write at Afterwards, send the application form filled, saved in pdf format with the title:   Name.Surname.Lat .pdf / Name.Surname.Sport.pdf to the address:

Important: Until the effective implementation of the projects will be held meetings  having like aim the training of the participations about  the main activities established in the projects.


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