I spray out my point


As we already got used to having in Ramnicu Sarat more and more activities targeting mainly the youngsters of our local community, today, 6th of May, there was the graffiti demonstration titled “I Spray Out my Point”, developed within the international project “Tomorrow Starts Today”, financed by the European Commission through the Youth In Action Programme. The session was, practically, one of the local projects which the ATCE-SR-TST team has implemented since we came back from Lithuania, in March, where the first part of the project was developed.

“I Spray Out my Point” meant choosing 4 youngsters talented and skilled in drawing and in demonstrating practically the fact that graffiti is a form of art, as well, even if it benefits such a weak appreciation on a local level in our community.

During the 4 hours of implementation, the youngsters covered in color the big canvas that they had available, an old bus, that seemed to reborn while enjoying the lively colors that the participants used in an urban style, typically for the nowadays youth.

After the task being successfully completed by the 4 participants: , Alexandru Jercan, Bogdan Racoviteanu, Andrei Cojanu and George Dima, they were awarded with small prizes, diplomas and t-shirts, that they proudly received, looking at their masterpiece that will drive people around the town for a while.

Once again, the youngsters in Ramnicu Sarat amaze us with skills, talents and creativity, which they could not have the chance to prove if it weren’t for this project.

Alexandru Jercan



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