Press release “Youth Build Legendary Europe”


YBLE Ambasador Romania               We inform you that between July 9 to 16, at  Râmnicu Sărat, a new European project, called “Youth Build Legendary Europe”, developed with the financial support of the European Commision through Youth in Action Programme, will be  implemented  at Râmnicu Sărat. In this project, the young people will develop the knowledge about legendary history of Europe and they will cooperate to find a better solution for the preservation of past values.

                  The project promoter is  ATCE-Speranta Ramniceana, organization that will operate the project in collaboration with other organizations from Italy, Portugal, Spain and Turkey.

            Complex and well structured, this project we’ll have many activities as: workshops, theatre forum, interview, movie, teambuilding, treasure hunt, trips, etc.

                  Acquiring new knowledge about their national identity, traditions and customs even spot (Râmnicu Sărat, Vintileasca-Bisoca’s area and Balta Alba), the participants will have the opportunity to understand better the role which certain “sequences” of history could give rise to new societaties and beliefs surviving centuries or even millennia. Miths, legends and beliefs in only one project: “Youth build legendary Europe”.

          Also, during the activities, young people involved will be able to develop many skills including  those of a foreign language, nonverbal communication, ability to work in  team in the workshops or games, etc, while they learn about the culture and traditions of other participant countries. Our goal is to save European cultural heritage permanently in battle with globalization.

This project is funded with support from European Commission.

The material reflects the authors point of view. The European Comission is not responsabile for any errors.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Gheorghita Draghici


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