Arts Activities TST


       On the 2nd of June 2012 there was implemented the subproject “Arts Activities” within  the international project “Tomorrow Starts Today”, in which ATCE-SR is a partner and where young people took part in constructive activities and fun activities at the same time.

After “crochet and hand-made accessories”, “Stencils” followed where participants showed creativity in finding a symbol of volunteerism in our city.

But not was not the only thing that they had to do, because after these activities followed a surprise, a canvas of 2 meters square, that the participants imagination was put to the test and which ended by creating a beautiful painting.

Along with this activity, there have been rehearsals for the dance activity, and proper dance workshop was held in an original location outdoors.

While most of the girls were at the dancing activity, the others participants were grouped into a central park and participated in the creation of caricatures or symbols that were drawn on the asphalt, about youth participation, democracy, the International Child Day.

Around 9 pm the activities have ended and the participants stayed to watch a movie at FORTES center or they went home after a tiring day,but enjoyable at the same time.

Marko Luigi Adamache


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