Invatare internationala non-formala

Invatare internationala non-formala

               Ca sa mentinem traditia, ATCE-SR invita tinerii si pe cei care lucreaza cu tineri din Ramnic sa aplice la un seminar international ce urmeaza sa se desfasoare in Georgia, intre 5-12 octombrie 2012. Sunt cautati doi participanti.

Cei interesati sunt rugati sa trimita un e-mail la in care sa mentioneze : Nume complet, Data si locul nasterii, Adresa e-mail de contact, Nr de telefon, o Motivatie pentru participarea la curs in limba engleza de max 10 randuri. Candidaturile online se primesc pana pe 10 august.

Va exista si un interviu dupa incheierea acestui termen.

Descrierea proiectului este mai jos, in limba engleza, asa cum este primita de la organizatori.

Training Course


October 5-12, 2012, Kobuleti, Georgia

The training course “Social Media for Democracy” will be dedicated to the role and influence of social media in democratization process in Europe. Looking at the Arab spring in 2011, social media played an important role in fostering the impact of democratic grass-root movements. Similarly civil initiatives in Eastern Europe e.g. Russia and Azerbaijan are widely using social networks and new media tools to bypass censorship in order to bring their messages and demands for change to the public.

Therefore, with this training course, we would like to elaborate on the potentials of new media and social networks for democratic change in Europe by introducing the broad variety of tools available, comparing different forms of social media tools in regards to their impact and by promoting the use of those tools in local and international youth work in order to foster democratic youth participation and inclusion.

In terms of methodology, the training course will apply non-formal education and exercise several tools with the participants, create a small scale media campaign to promote a self-organised local event on a crucial topic of relevance for local youth and includes a visit to a media institution.

The project will gather 28 youth leaders and social workers from EU and EECA countries in Kobuleti, Georgia from 5th to 12th of October 2012 (6 full-time working days). The training course is implemented by the European Intercultural Forum e. V., Germany, in cooperation with the Academy for Peace and Development, Georgia.

The participants coming to this training course must be youth or social workers actively involved in an international, national regional or local youth or social organisation. Participants are expected to have an open-minded and positive working attitude and must take part actively and fully in the programme. The participants must reside in the country they represent, independently of their citizenship. The participants must have a communication level of English to be able to interact and understand the activities. EVS volunteers cannot participate in this training.

Arrival: October 5th, 2012 before 17.00 in Kobuleti. For those travelling by plane to Tbilisi, you may have to start the travel on October 4th to land in the night in Tbilisi (most of the flights land at night)

Departure: October 12th, 2012 after 8am from Kobuleti

The participants will be accommodated in double and triple rooms in the hotel IRISE in Kobuleti at about 100m of the sea-side (address: Hotel Irise, Agmashenebeli Str. nr. 118a). Each room has private bathroom and toilets and is fully equipped. Bed lines and towels are provided. Wi-fi network is available in the lobby and seminar room.

Breakfasts, lunches and dinners, as well as two coffee breaks per day will be provided by the organisers. If you have any special needs such as vegetarian, vegan, specific diet, allergies, please inform the  organisers before the project. The dining room is situated in the same building. On October 8th, the group will be taken to a traditional Georgian restaurant.

The seminar is located in the hotel as the first floor. Seminar materials will be provided.

The training course is implemented in the frame of the EU Youth in Action Programme. Accommodation, food and activities are fully covered by the organisers. The organisers will reimburse 70% of participants’ travel costs (with cheapest mean of transportation, only

economy class, no taxi) upon presentation of original tickets, invoices and boarding tags.

The travel dates are: October 5th, 2012 for the arrival and October 12th, 2012 for the departure. You are allowed to come up to 4 days extra before the training (October 1st, 2012) and to stay up to 4 days after the event (October 16th 2012). Outside this timeframe, your travel costs will NOT be reimbursed.

Participants from Denmark, France, Greece, Germany, Romania and The Netherlands will receive reimbursements by bank transfer after the training course upon reception of the return travel documents and international bank details. No exception to this rule will be done.

Please have in mind that the transport from Tbilisi – Kobuleti – Tbilisi may be organised by the organisers and that you have to cover 30% of these costs. The corresponding amount (will be deducted from your final reimbursement. The costs will be around 15-20 EUR one way, that is 4-5 EUR for the 30% per person.

Asociatia de Tineret Cultura si Educatie “ Speranta Ramniceana”- amount limit 100% is 600 euro/participant.


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