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Albania, here we come “without borders”


Dear youngsters all over Ramnicu Sarat and Romania,

ATCE-SR has the pleasure to invite you to take part in a training course (Youth In Action Programme, Action 3.1.b) in which we are partners, to enhance your volonteering experience along with discovering an amazing culture and country: Albania.

Title: “Volunteer without Prejudices Europe without Border”

Date: 18-25 March 2013

Venue: Lezhe, Albania (Romanian citizens can travel with either passport or ID card in Albania. No need for visa)

Participants: 4 youngsters aged between 18-25 years old( on the date of the project) , gender balanced, with experience in volonteering and non-formal education

Costs: all accommodation, food and materials are 100% covered and transport costs are 70% refunded by the organizers within the limit of 330 euro/person. There is a participation fee of 20 euro/person recquired by the Albanian hosting NGO (IRSH (Intelektualet e rinj, Shprese/Young Intellectuals, Hope).


This Training Course aims at strengthening and increasing the competencies of participants over local and international volunteer project management, through promotion of EVS among youngsters in SEE and Europe.


-To build capacities and competence of young people, through training on peer educator’s skills.1000146461_442280b0fb

– To promote tolerance and inclusion of the youth coming from socially excluded and poor groups, with special focus on Roma youngsters.

– To give participants basic knowledge about YiA program and possibilities the program offers.

– To establish a network of young people from different countries and enable them to further work in the youth field in the European level.

Non-formal education will be the methodology used including training on the Youth in Action programme. It will include an association fair, Intercultural learning workshops, presentations on Mobility of Unemployed Youth, presentation of the YIA, working sessions on project management, field visits with volunteers and young entrepreneurs, intercultural evening, open space workshops. Reflection and learning outcome groups will be led every day in order to check together with participants the flow of the project. This Training course will involve 42 participants from 9 countries (Albania, Montenegro, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Romania, Italy, Serbia, Macedonia, Kosovo).

The meeting will be held at “Rafaelo” Hotel near Adriatic seaside in North Albania 45 km away from Tirana. They will be accommodated in double rooms. The hotel is a nice place and it offers internet connection in all environments around. Participants are requested to take sportive cloths as far as sport activities will be organised. More info about the hotel, participants can find here:


Application process closed.

The results of the selection will be communicated to all applicants latest on 20 January 2013.


For further questions, please write to us at or call at 0765353614.


Happy holidays !

ATCE-SR team


“Street Sports & Media Diversity” – Brosura de Diseminare Speciala!


          Proiectul “Street Sports & Media Diversity” ajuns la final, rămâne în amintirea noastră printr-o Broșură de Diseminare Specială ce surprinde într-un mod integrat, în articole și fotografii dinamismul activităților derulate în perioada Iunie – Iulie 2012 la Râmnicu Sărat. Personajele principale ale jocului de fotografii și media sunt 32 de participanți din România, Turcia, Letonia și Lituania, împreună cu Asociația de Tineret Onix, în rol de coordonator, în cadrul unui proiect finanțat de Comisia Europeană prin Programul Tineret în Acțiune,  acțiunea 1.1. Schimb de Tineri.

          Pentru a putea înțelege mai bine tematica proiectului, precum și modul de implicare al tinerilor, vă invintăm să vizualizați aici:

Brosura SSMD  (Descarca aici!)

Blogul SSMD:

          … și poate, de ce nu, în viitoarele proiecte să fiți chiar voi protagoniștii unor noi proiecte de tineret, alături de:

Florin Ceparu