APV Vice Versa-Youth mobility in the EU



DSC_0826Carla Andreea Tunea

Impressions of a volonteer after attending the advanced planning visit of the youth exchange Vice Versa- Youth mobility in the EU

I was very excited to take part in the projectand those two days I spent with the group were the best days I have spent in last time.In this project I met two Turkish:Semra and Cagdas.I could say that the time I spent with them helps me to call them “friends”.I hope we can meet to talk or I don’t know, maybe for another project.

I’m really sure this European project will be a success because Daniela and Laura have had a great idea about what to do in Turkey, about how to carry everything, and because I took part in the preparation in advance of the project or at least I know an idea of how it should be the project.


In connection with the project .. Well, because the Turkish have already visited our country and they liked it, I hope that when we visit their country we will be welcomed with hospitality which they were also received, and I hope that I will meet very many people who I can speak.I’m very excited by the idea of getting to know other people from all over the country, and I hope someday they will remember me and we can remain friends.

I’m sure that after this project I want to participate in other volunteer projects, if I will be welcome!



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