Proiecte internationale noi: UK, Turcia


Dragi tineri, ATCE-Speranta Ramniceana va invita sa aplicati la doua dintre proiectele in care suntem parteneri. Acest apel este deschis catre toti tinerii cetateni romani, cu prioritate acordata grupului tinta din Ramnicu Sarat si din comunele limitrofe, interesati de temele proiectelor, care pot participa la toate activitatile si care au un nivel suficient de comunicare in limba engleza.

Pentru a aplica va rugam  sa completati formularul de aici si sa il trimiteti la adresa respectand termenele limita pentru fiecare proiect si punand in titlul documentului numele vostru si titlul proiectului la care candidati. Va rugam sa fiti deschisi si pentru un potential interviu telefonic sub forma de discutie cu un membru al echipei ATCE-SR ca forma de selectie ulterioara formularului.

Costuri: cazare si masa sunt acoperite de organizatori. Participantii au responsabilitatea de a plati costul de transport din care se deconteaza (pana la anumite limite date de organizatori) 70% din costuri dupa trimiterea prin posta a documentelor doveditoare (bilete in original, boarding passes, factura, dovada platii, cope scanata dupa viza din pasaport).

Daca aveti intrebari, va rugam sa ne scrieti la

Proiectele sunt:

  1. 1.    ”The door is open, please get in!”

Seminar, Action 4.3 Youth in Action

from 15th – 21th of August 2013

Elazığ, TURKEY


Seminar about preparing “Local Youth Participation and Policy Documents” between 

young people and those responsible for youth  policy. The main theme of the Seminar “The door is open, please get in!“ is to create an intercultural learning area between young people and those responsible for youth policy for preparing “Local Youth Participation and Policy Documents”. The seminar is looking forward to finding answer for these specific points; the rate of youth participation, the ways of reaching young people, description of disadvantaged young people, activities for improving youth participation and creating peaceful platform, the ways of motivation, the reasons that create obstacle between young people, the situation of young people in their communities, the effects of formal and  non-formal education methods on young people. The Governorship of Elazığ will prepare new action plans according to the outcomes from this seminar.

Working language:English – all participants must be able to actively communicate using English language.

Participants: 3 participants + 1 group leader (per organization) aged 18-30 years old

We shall consider the group gender balance.

Transport costs limit: 250 euro/participant

Deadline to apply for this project: URGENTLY.Form here


5 – 12 NOVEMBER 2013 // ASHA CENTRE, United Kingdom

This Youth in Action (Action 3.1 – Eastern Partnership Youth Window) seminar will focus on dialogue between Eastern and Western European countries, particularly in the context of Eastern Partnership and exchange of experience about the different nature of youth work across Europe and sharing of best practices in the sphere of youth work.

The Applicant, ASHA Foundation, will act as the project host. The project will be held at the ASHA Centre, Gloucestershire, UK, in November 2013. It will bring together 27 youth workers from eight EU and Eastern Partnership countries (UK, Italy, Germany, Romania, Armenia, Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia) for seven working days.

The main objectives of the seminar will be: reflecting on the nature of relations between Western and Eastern Europe, comparing realities of young people in both regions, analysing mutual perceptions and their influence on the relations between Europe’s East and West, combating prejudice and stereotypes between European youth, exchange of experience about the nature of youth work in Eastern and Western Europe, sharing of best practice in youth work and creation of future joint Eastern Partnership projects.

The seminar will be based on non-formal learning principles and will employ methods such as small group work, multimedia presentations, theatre workshops, outdoor work, participant-let workshops and daily feedback and evaluation sessions..

DATES: Arrival: 5th of November 2013

Departure: 12th of November 2013


Flaxley, Gloucestershire,

For more info:

Participants: 4 participants that need to be aged over 18 years old. We will not be able to invite anyone under the age of 18

Transport costs limit: 350 euro/participant

Deadline to apply for the project: 20 July 2013.Form here

ATCE-SR team

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