Haideti pe drumul catre stele- Bulgaria-proiect international


ATCE-SR va invita sa participati intr-un proiect international in care suntem parteneri, care va avea loc in Bulgaria, in statiunea montana Smolyan. Este un schimb de tineri organizat in cadrul programului Tineret in Actiune care va aduce impreuna mai multi tineri interesati sa descopere culturi noi, sa isi faca prieteni si sa ii invete pe ceilalti dansuri populare romanesti (descrierea detaliata o gasiti mai jos).

Titlu: “Road to the stars”                                                          Sigle speranta si tia           

Perioada: 20-30 august, 2013

Sunt deschise 14 locuri in total pentru tineri romani, 12 participanti cu varste intre 16-25 de ani si 2 lideri fara limita de varsta.

Costuri: se va merge cu autobuzul pana in Sofia de unde participantii sunt preluati de organizatori. Se deconteaza 70% din biletele de autobuz/tren clasa a II-a dupa ce biletele se predau organizatorilor bulgari. Cazarea si masa sunt asigurate 100%.

Aplicati descarcand, completand si trimitand formularul de aici la adresa  office@atcesr.ro pana pe data de 29 iulie inclusiv.

Incurajam persoanele cu oportunitati reduse si dizabilitati sa se inscrie.

Pentru orice intrebare, asteptam mailurile voastre la adresa office@atcesr.ro impreuna cu formularele pe care le puteti lua de aici.

“Road to the Stars” is a continuation of the “Everybody can fly” the Association “Insait” Smolyan. It is the idea of young people with special needs, who actively participated in the previous project and showed impressive skills and talents. The new project proposal, we want to support them and give them the opportunity to self-assertion and be approved by the society. “Road to the Stars”  is a four-youth exchange between Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey and Greece, in which the main goal is self-fulfillment and social integration of young people with special needs through knowledge of foreign cultures, teamwork and involvement in activities related to the arts – traditional dance, modern dance and libretto. Libretto is a dance with a storyline which corresponds to theatrical activities our previous project. Thus, by means of art and culture the participants’ attention will be focused on building a more tolerant attitude towards solidarity and youth with special needs as part of the European family.

The main objective of the project will be achieved through teamwork at learning new dances and rehearsing them – Greek, Romani, Turkish, Vlach and Bulgarian dances and songs from different genres of music and libretto. All of this will be presented on the stage of Rhodope Drama Theatre – Smolyan titled “Road to the Stars” before an audience consisting of children, young people with special needs and the general public. Additional motive for selection of dance as a core activity in our project is that they represent a kind of therapy for young people with special needs. The fact that all participants in the exchange are the Balkan further helps to increase public interest in the development stage, which will involve young people with special needs and their peers.

The Association provides this project be implemented active youth policy towards integration of people with special needs in society and business, and combat negative prejudices and discrimination against them. For this reason, we plan to project activities to engage young people with disabilities / physical disabilities, learning disabilities, chronic illnesses and special educational needs / and their peers.

All participants in the project will randomly formed seven teams of 8 people who themselves will make their own choreography of the dance, the song and the libretto, which will present. The scene will be entirely for young people with special needs and their friends. They will present songs and dances that are characteristic of different cultures. The most impressive moment of self-expression for young people with special needs will be entitled traditional Bulgarian dance, which will include all project participants.

We will provide the necessary props – costumes, makeup, flowers. The young people will make a backdrop on stage.

By gaming methods in the libretto / simulation games, situational games – simulation of events and games drama / youth will have the opportunity to play with the resolution of difficult situations that actually provoke them tension and conflict. The goal is for all participants to experience the problem with ignoring people with disabilities on the basis of emotional involvement to rationalize their behavior. This will enable young people with special needs to express themselves, showing that they can contribute to society.

Presentation of the skills and talents of young people with special needs audience will have an additional resonance to the public, namely the change of the established attitude towards people with disabilities. Will touch a positive example of behavior and respect in which everyone is entitled and can “fly”.

We believe that through informal training project participants will develop their skills for a fulfilling life both in themselves and in the audience.

The project provides a great opportunity for social self-expression for all participants, and especially young people with special needs. They, like everyone else will work collaboratively with the clear idea that help tackle intolerant attitude and indifference in our society.

The project will involve 58 people (50 participants and 8 leaders). Planning to implement the program in the city of Smolyan Hotel “Mirage” from 20 August to 30 August 2013 ..

Partners in a youth exchange organizations in Europe are working actively towards the socialization of people with special needs.

Echipa ATCE-SR

Sigle speranta si tia


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