Impressions EURAM


“This is my first project and in the same time but not the first time going abroad. I thought that it will be the same: different people, sometimes cold, buildings, not so interesting….but it was totally different: a kind atmosphere, a great group, where it was very easy to discover a new culture and the real Spanish country. I made a lot of new friends and I am very happy for choosing this experience for my life. I am blessed!”
HERGHELEGIU Cristiana – Romania

“When I look back in the past I can see one of my best moments of my life in this project. I remember all those feelings from Spain when I got out from the plane and from the train waiting for the Spanish friends to come and to meet us for the first time. I remember the accommodation, the villages, their great architecture, typically Spanish, all the discussions, and of course all the knowledge about Republic and Monarchy which made me better understand both systems, their way of life, their behaviors and of course their traditions and beliefs. I liked a lot the meeting with the mayor in Spain, the Municipality building, their hospitality and the fact that during the project they were all the time open minded, with the desire to collaborate, to learn new things and to create a new family which in the end I think it was created. EURAM project gave a lot to me!”
 SIMION Stefania – Romania

“I was so interested to discover Spain and also the Monarchic system that I’ve decided to apply for the project. This was the first step which made the time of my life. Firstly because of the people, wonderful people from Spain in Romania. Secondly because I discovered that I am European and I can use my right inside of the E.U., a fact that usually is not evaluated by the majority of the youngsters. Thirdly, because I’ve started a great learning process discovering the importance of the culture, the impact of working with people coming from other country and the relevance of having different experiences in your life in order to create different perspectives for your carrier. The most important knowledge was to learn how important is to want to learn. The project was like a reminder for me to understand myself better and to think twice about the way I want for my future.”  
ASANACHE Alexandru – Romania

“I liked very much the project because first of all I discovered the image of my country in the world. Also, regarding the experience in Spain I liked the activities, different kind of non – formal methods, the Spanish group, energizers and also Puente Genil town. For sure I would like someday to come back there and to meet all the Spanish friends. For me, this was just the start of my involvement in projects and I am sure that will come more other projects in my future.”
 IONITA Claudiu –Romania

“For me it was very interesting do discover together with the Romanian youngsters the meaning of Republic, the way in which it works, their problems and situations of necessity in this field because first of all we are living together in democracy and it is really interesting to understand the way of implementing the democracy in the two systems. So, I found very attractive and full of meaning the seminar presentations made in Puente Genil regarding together the Republican system and Monarchic one which created to me a specific image and a lot of thematic knowledge. Continuing with the Romanian experience, it helped me to understand better the way in which they are thinking and acting, their needs and also their priorities. The non – formal activities in participation democracy project were the way in which we were involved, the way to discover and to be connected with the reality.”

“European Union Republic and Monarchy was the image of a successful partnership between Puente Genil and Ramnicu Sarat. During the project we participated in wonderful activities where we discovered the importance and the impact of the non – formal in our life, in our evolution and on the same time the relevance of the European connections in order to understand our cultures, traditions, behaviors. I am realy happy to be the promoter of EURAM project, the one who kept the connection and the communication and in the same time the first one who believed in the idea of the project which putted in the same place the Repu blic, Monarchy in a non – formal context. ”
Francisco Javier AVILA CASASOLA

“The week spent in Ramnicu Sarat was very intensive. Because it is somehow different from Spania but in the same time a lot of common things. People are warm, the place were nice, also the accommodation was ok because we had the possibility to have fun, to organize intercultural and national evenings, to socialize and to make now friends. I liked very much the municipality town hall, the Youth Center which I think it is a great achievement for Ramnicu Sarat.”

“Intensive, attractive, funny, democracy, non – formal, learning… all these words helped me to understand and discover the aim and the main idea of the project. When I decided to come for this project I knew that will be a great opportunity to learn, to make new friends, and to discover new perspectives. In the end, after days of activities, communication, collaboration, group and individual working, informal – non –formal and formal activities, evaluation sessions, I discovered the power of competences and that I evaluated to the next level. I am so happy to be part of EURAM project!”
Maria de la Soledad GUTIERREZ ESPEJO


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