Visit study promoted by the Municipality of Pagliara, Sicily


Probably the best starting point for a new partnership between the European countries is the dialogue that all communities are called to. In this context, ATCE-SR, had the chance of taking part in one visit study promoted by the Municipality of Pagliara, Sicily.  A visit designed to offer an opportunity to explore the present youth opportunities and together with Giorgiana Grozea (Gy) we represented the association. The main aim of the project it was to develop cooperation in the field of youth information between European partners working with youngsters, including public and private institutions, from 8 European countries: Italy, Hungary, Portugal, Romania, Germany, Spain, Slovenia, Latvia.


The changes taking places in recent years can create an inadequate climate if some measures are not taken. That’s why, this kind of projects are welcomed and can be considerate it as a necessary basis for a healthy and strong youth environment. Moreover, the awareness of some present cultural barriers would unlock the desirable  level of interaction among the European countries.

During the 6 days of the project we have contributed to a process of consulting the local representatives of the central institutions and of the youth organizations in order of  having a better understanding of the main issues in the field of youth. I should to admit that things were surprising for me in some moments. Even having a YiA background and knowing what is about this study visit it was a first one for me and as a fact I had to deal with new situations. Beyond all these, I had the chance to take part at some exchanges of experiences, conferences and visit of youth information structures.

A further description of the main two activities of the project stresses the fact that the central public institution are playing and important role by colaborating with the non-governamental organizations. DSC_5867

The second day of the visit debuted with a warm Sicilian welcoming by the mayor of Pagliara Municipality in the City. Throughout this activity we had a introduction of ourselves and our organization. As well, we had a short presentation of the peculiarities of our cities.

And at just one day distance of the above activity we were engaged on a dialogue about the role of information to young people in local policies. A perfect ocasion of sharing each other our experience and having an exchange of good practices and figure out that differences and similarities are find it at all levels in our way of working. But, for sure, with a common opinion: nothing is possible without people.

Beside this activities the host organization offered us a tour near Pagliara’s communities like: Mandanici, Forza d’Agrò, Casavecchio, Messina, Savoca, Alì Terme and established us meetings with its mayors.





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