Cautam 1 voluntar pentru un training in Germania!


Training course “Do clothes make the man?”! Erasmus+

Perioada: 27 martie- 5 aprilie 2015

Locatia:  Potsdam, Germany

Parteneri: Romania (ATCE-Speranta Ramniceana) si Associatia Support for Youth Development- Cluj Napoca si

Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Georgia, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey

Profilul voluntarilor: Lucratori de tineret, Lideri, Traineri, Mentori, cu varste de peste 18 ani, pasionati de teatru, de arta costumelor si de educatia non-formala.

About the Project:
Clothes play a very important role in nowadays society. Most of us know that appearance matters in first impressions, but clothing can also tap into stark stereotypes of physical appearance. Children start to categorize each other already in early days according to different social or ethnical groups based on the way they dress. Clothing affects even basic visual processing systematically skewing the way people see their social world. This leads to the creation of boundaries between communities or even leads to acts of discrimination.
The team of Mostar Friedensprojekt and the participants of our recent training courses are convinced that theater methods are among the best means of youth work to counter discrimination. By spreading the knowledge of theater techniques in anti-discriminational work we want to encourage youth workers to exploit the power of theatre. This time we want to share the experience of creating theatre costumes and make-up. By doing so, participants will learn how „labeling“ caused by stereotypes of physical appearance can be reversed on stage.
During the training course, we will not only introduce our participants to the theoretical basics of theater costume design. We will also visit inspirational places in Berlin: alternative theatre stages, meet with professional costume designers, make-up artists and visit their ateliers. The base for our work will be the costumes and stage sets of the legendary American experimental theater stage director Robert Wilson. This will give us inspiration for our own creations, which we will actually create during the course of our training.
Cazarea, masa si materialele pentru activitati vor fi asigurate de organizatori, prin fonduri europene. Biletele pentru transport vor fi achizitionate de catre participanti, iar costul acestora va fi decontat in proportie de 100%, daca se incadreaza in suma de 275 Euro. Ceea ce depaseste, se considera confinantare.
Pentru a aplica la acest proiect, descarca formularul de aici, si trimite-l la adresele indicate.
Asteptam aplicatiile voastre pana la data de 1 martie!

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