LIVE, Because I’m HAPPY :)


Well, i don’t know from where i can start, but after few months let’s talk again about this fantastic experience.

I didn’t write since the end of February (my 3rd months of EVS), in the last 2 months March and April many thing happened, march was really good period of it, in my opinion one of the best month also because after the 1st part of the EVS in our family everything became a routine every little thing now it’s like in one normal family.

DSC_0616 DSC_3062In our stage every single activity we did took us to improve the knowledge gained in the first months of evs; so every day we improved studied or created Our methods to be used in school with children or various activities to do in kindergartens with the little ones.

 The most beautiful thing is that every morning during our breakfast we are going to think about what we can implement or improve in our regular work or also the activity that we have to do in that morning. After every morning section we all come together for lunch and during it we discuss about what we have done and how, and where we went wrong or not…So, now this is our regular family’s life if we are talking just about our mission (EVS), because maybe it’s better do not talk much about our ” free time of guys in twenties”..:)…But i assure you that we are totally integrated in the city, with youngsters local volunteers and in general with everyone; our free time here for me it’s wonderful even if we are not in new york city, Sidney or London. DSC_0690 DSC_0786After have been at the traditional nights of Turkey and Romania, it was our turn (Italians)   prepare an traditional night; so with giorgia we started to think what we could have organize   to show our friends and our “family” something special of our culture and our traditions; to be honest it was not easy for us, because we are coming from two places in Italy totally opposite she’s from Torino and i’m from Messina the opposite poles of Italy.:).:).. we have different culture and traditions and especially a different sub-culture that certainly did not facilitated our work, and in fact after several days of preparation the fateful day arrived;

 DSC_0791Rightly as Italians we had to arrive late….it’s in our DNA , in fact we had ONLY 45 minutes while the guys (youngsters and local volunteers) were waiting for us in youth center, but that’s not all, because the most “beautiful” thing that we did was that we improvised 90% of all that we have done, but in this as Italians we are good, good to making fun people and steal a smile even to the most sad; so with a little ‘improvisation a bit of Italian style, we completed the evening , talking about culture in general and doing some difference between north and south with the special help of one Italian youngster that is working and living here with us in the hostel; we also talked about the various problems that nowadays we have in Italy (economy, working, education etc etc.) but especially the most interesting funny and curious thing we did, where the guys were involved and where all together we had fun, was the presentation of some Italian gestures that we use to communicate without speaking..:)…and in the end could not miss a old style Karaoke with the biggest Italian successes.

DSC_0876The following week was a very intense week in schools, but over the weekend I went to Bucharest with my brother Semih, together for the first time in the Capital; it was a great weekend (I can not tell you the background and everything) so let’s talk about sunday when i   boarded the plane and went to Italy to spend the Easter with family (also because I spent my Christmas in Ramnicu) the days in Italy were regular and normal days with some friends and my relatives, Easter it was a good day i enjoyed my time with my big family and nothing more, the funny thing is that two days after Easter i felt the need to come back to Ramnicu, and I could not wait to take flight from Catania .. :). When i arrived in Ramnicu there was a youth Exchange in which we took part as external support, where we found some friends met in December and where I met so many other people; at the same time I celebrated Orthodox Easter, it was something new but very interesting, I went in church during the night and then as orthodox ritual to the cemetery to light candles for loved ones.

DSC_0973And for this beautiful and new experience I have to say thank you to Maria and Florin who gave me this opportunity that certainly i will never forget. After the Easter with EVS family we only had two days of relax and then we took part in another project here in town. Be on time, it was a training course about time management; in the same time we continued to go to schools and kindergartens with our regular activities. In general this project was something useful for our EVS because almost all activities we did have been something new from which we learnt. In the same moment a little sadness was living on our faces because the end of April was coming and it meant the end of the EVS for Semih and Selim.

The days were running fast and we haven’t had time to realize what was happening that we were all together in the youth center to say goodbye to Selim and in no time at the airport to greet Semih; that one was the worst day of my EVS, since the morning i couldn’t understand how these five months together have flown, and during the way from Ramnicu to Bucharest all the times we had together between breakfast lunch and nights spent in disco or as free time here and there were flashbacks in my mind.

DSC_0769But then it came the time to say goodbye and Like i said to him, “you are the brother that i didn’t have in my life before the starts of this EVS”. The most beautiful example that i can say is that our family has made 18 years and the first two guys are left to do other experiences, to live something different to take different roads and now i’m here in my room and everything seems surreal, in the morning my brother doesn’t knock the door or when he didn’t wakes up i don’t go there, or we don’t have to wait Selim till last minute because he loves to sleep much..:).. ; but life is like this, so I can only say THANK YOU guys THANKS….. thank you for this beautiful experience of life together, now our family here in Ramnicu is made up of two sisters (Giorgia and Umran) and a brother (Me) but we always think to you and we miss you so much….TATA Volodea is always next to us after all it’s our TATA..:)….!!!

Now i have only one month of volunteering, and also i’ll say bye to this beautiful reality and this project , but our EVS family will keep us united forever…Noapte Buna guys.

A little message..:)..:D…J..Try to Live your life as best as you can, and you will not have regrets of nothing.


Article written during the project Learn to get Involved, Volunteer in Europe, financed by Europen Union through Erasmus+ programme!


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