IQ – EVS Stage – Press relase


Press release

Of the EVS stage “Involvement to Quality”

Funded by European Union through Erasmus+ programme


afis iq 

EVS stage “Involvement to Quality” (IQ), financed by European Union through the Erasmus+ programme, is a project initiated and  coordinated by ATCE Speranța Râmniceană and will be implemented between 03.06.2016–03.09.2016. The EVS project is strategic structured within a multicultural partnership consisting of  Italy, Turkey and Georgia. The IQ project is opening the way of the European organizations of youth to develop instruments, methods and common procedures of work, with the aim of raising the quality of the projects under Erasmus+.

Thematic: Involvement to Quality is a multicultural project, which includes a study visit, a PBA, a training course and a EVS stage, being a partnership between promoters from seven countries, their goal being development of a management system  of  the Erasmus + projects, inside of a network, in order to satisfy the organizational needs through sharing and exchange of good practices. The six promoters, besides ATCE-SR, from Romania are from:  FRYO of Macedonia, Malta, UK, Georgia, Italy and Turkey.

Beside the general objectives of Erasmus+, specific of KA1– mobilities of youngsters, and are according to the Europe 2020 strategy in the youth field, the main aim of the EVS stage is to develop the practical abilities for designing, implementing and evaluation of the projects undertaken in the Erasmus +context. The EVS stage will carried out through the involving of 6 volunteers from Italy, Turkey, Georgia over a 3 month stage, from 3 June to  3 September 2016, implemented at Ramnicu Sarat, in partnership with schools and high schools, in an innovative quality system. The volunteers’ work will consist of helping to develop youth projects, together with the local volunteers and the scholars, during which will conduct methods, instruments and management procedures of quality, which have been identified and developed within the European network of organizations shaped inside the project.  


IQ involves in implementation the following promoters:

  •   ATCE Speranța Râmniceană – România, organizație coordonatoare;
  •   Associazione Culturale EUFEMIA – Italy;
  •   E-Genclik Dernegi – Turkey
  •   GYE – Georgia

For further information you can contact us or the organizer at the following e-mail address or phone number :

– Feraru Angela Mădălina, project manager:, Phone number : +40729612294

This project is funded by European Union through the Erasmus+ programme.


Changing lives. Opening minds.


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