FOCUS – Find your competences & use them SMART – 2017-2-RO01-KA105-037810

FOCUS project, financed by the European Union through Erasmus Plus Programme, K.A.1 – Youth mobility, nr. 2017-2-RO01-KA105-037810, will be implemented during a period of 17 months, between 15th of September 2017 to 14 th of February 2019.

The ideea of this project has start taking into account the need to remove youth from harmful environment amongst nowadays society (internet, online games, abuse of alcohol or other substances) and to engage them in attractive, motivating, interesting leisure activities.

In order to touch our goals we start this project, who contains An APV and 1 youth exchange, in which we would propose, analyse and centralize methods for leisure, and later, to develop, pilot and practically apply a methodology and a manual of best practices as an instrument of cohesion, community involvement and intercultural dialogue.

Implementation of this project is the responsibility of eight promoters from: Romania, Spain, Italy x2, Turkey, Bulgaria, Greece, FRY of Macedonia.

The objectives of our project are:

  1. Increasing the level of information on the supply of methods and leisure tools;
  2. Developing the personal and professional competencies of youth workers in leisure activities;
  3. Increasing the operational capacity of promotional organizations by developing a methodology of good leisure time practice combined in a manual to be developed throughout the project and distributed to organizations in the EU;
  4. Developing practical leisure time skills by working in intercultural teams;
  5. Increasing the visibility of non-formal education.

The project will have further activities:

The Youth exchange will be held in Ramnicu Sarat between 22th OF August 01st of September, with 42 participats and 7 group leaders (6+1/ national group).

This youth exchange comes as a necessity to put in practice and to test knowledge accumulated in prior activities and it is structured by the principle of coordination of daily activities by another promoter in each day. The results will be tested through performing in the last day. And in this case, proposed methods come from non-formal education: interactive presentation, workshops, round table, teambulding out/indoor, roleplay, living library, world cafee, forum theatre, flash mob, urban painting, intercultural evenings, sport activities, brainstorming, debriefing, tematic visits.

The performing will be made through a thematic treasure hunt- leisure time.

As an output of this project, the manual of good practices will be piloted in the dissemination period in leisure laboratories, in other EU youth organizations and in secondary schools.

The existence of this manual will have a distinguished impact at institutional level, thus being developed the educational offer, increasing organizational capacity, quality of youth work, partnerships at EU level and implementation of Erasmus + projects.

Violeta Vilcu,



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