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 “From Involvement as Volunteer in Europe, at Youth Worker” funded by the European Union through Erasmus+ Program, references no: 2018-2-RO01-KA125-049946

From Involvement as Volunteer in Europe, at Youth Worker“, a project financed by the European Union through Erasmus+ Program with 40.661,00 euro, it is an European Volunteering Service (EVS) mobility, projects developed in 16 months, from  01.08.2018 to 30.11.2019.

The main activity is an EVS stage (KA125), implemented for 9 months, from 1st of December 2018 to 31st of August 2018, in Ramnicu Sarat, Romania. The EVS stage involves 5 volunteers, 18 to 30 years old, the priority having youth with fewer opportunities.

The promotors (sending organisations) are: EUFEMIA – Torino, Italia, PEL – Skopje, Macedonia and Yesil Busram Dernegi – Bursa, Turcia.

The goal of the project is to form and train competent and motivated youth workers, able to write, implement and report high quality activities, based on non-formal education techniques and tools, mainly, funded through Erasmus+ Program.

The objectives that will meet the proposed goal are:

  1. To develop the practical (personal and professional) implementation of youth activities at the organizational and European level – Erasmus + by 5 EVS volunteers from Macedonia, Italy and Turkey, who during 9 months of training in Ramnicu Sarat will move from volunteers to youth workers.
  2. Developing the creative and entrepreneurial spirit of the 5 EVS volunteers from Macedonia, Italy and Turkey, that during 9 months of training in Ramnicu Sarat will go through project management phases from writing to reporting.
  3. Developing a youthpass competency through multicultural learning process for the 5 EVS volunteers by 9 month stage in Ramnicu Sarat.
  4. Development of intercultural cooperation between the beneficiaries of the internship (local volunteers, high school students and the 5 EVS volunteers) within the local activities / projects developed by EVS volunteers through non-formal education methods during the 9 months of Ramnicu Sarat’s stage.
  5. Increasing the awareness of the cultural diversity in an intercultural context, between the 5 EVS volunteers and the local community, during the 9 months of stage held in Ramnicu Sarat.

The proposed objectives are related to the objectives and priorities of the Erasmus + program, EVS mobility and Europe 2020 goals.

Therefore, through the From Involvement as Volunteer in Europe, at Youth Worker” project proiectul 5 Youth workers we are aiming to provide a sustainable learning experience for the 5 EVS volunteers who, through the input-output-outcome relationship, will come in a EVS stage, as volunteers, and will leave the stage with youth worker competencies, being able to write and to implement future Erasmus + youth projects.

The activities of the EVS stage will be implemented through non-formal techniques and tools, the agenda of a classical week being structured as follows: Monday – project writing, Tuesday – visibility and preparation, Wednesday – implementation, Thursday – dissemination and Friday – evaluation and reporting, will be: public café, fishbowl, treasure hunt, live library, workshop, theatre, forum theatre etc.

At the end of the stage, the 5 volunteers will:

  • develop competencies in the projects’ writing, implementation, management, coordination of activities and target groups, entrepreneurial skills, taking the step during the implementation of the stage, from volunteers to youth workers;
  • l earn and develop various techniques and tools of non-formal education, applicable to youth projects, especially Erasmus +;
  • develop new competences/ skills from the aria of 8th Youthpass competences, in the same time assimilating new information about the cultures of the European states involved in the project;
  • develop attitudes of respect, understanding, tolerance, recognition and acceptance of cultural diversity, creativity and entrepreneurship.

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This project is funded with financial support from the European Union through the Erasmus + Program.

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