Local ( pre ) selection


In the next months   will  be held two youth exchanges  and anybody who  is interested can apply and through a carefully selection we will choose the participants who are able to get involved.  The projects are opened to those who want to try new challenges and  bring positive aspects which can help the community and at the same time their personal development. All those can be gain by active participation and open mind in the main activities of the projects. On the other hand, the  outcomes of this involvement represent  an exceptional way to exploit your potential during the cotidian life and especially in your  next  socio-profesional actions.  Below you can find the details and descriptions of the projects . If  you think that are good for one of them , if your hobbies , passions or I don’t know skills are matching go with the application! Is important to have some English basic knowledge and be able to accommodate  at new social environments and work in team!

About the first project:

Title : “History of the Parliament”

Dates: 8-14 July 2011 ( The main activities from Italy-Brolo) – 15 -21 July ( The main activities from Romania- Rm- Sarat)

Number of participants: 16 participants + 4 persons from the staff

Ages: 16 participants ( 14-25 )

Venue: Italy- Brolo ; Romania – Rm-Sarat

Project description: “History of the Parliament” is a bilateral project developed between Romania and Italy which consists of an exchange of 32 young people in Ramnicu Sarat, Romania and Brolo, Italy, in a period of eight months of activities. The theme addressed by the project refers to the involvement of youth in the democratic process – participatory exercised at European level, aspect of the project which will be promoted by the existence of a legislative, representative and decision-making, new start-up: European Youth Parliament. Project objectives that are consistent with the overall objectives of the Youth in Action ‘promotes active citizenship and European youth, in order to create social cohesion in the frame of the European Union, encourages mutual understanding between young people from various countries and promotes the European Youth cooperation. These objectives will be achieved through our project thematic activities: workshops, seminars, teambuilding, role play, brainstorming sessions, intercultural evenings, social activities. All these objectives will be translated into activities through active participation of young people continue in the project so that the democratic participatory spirit i to be the impulse of that will lead to the priorities of the Youth in Action.

Transport : For the moment we don’t know the exactly amount but 70 % is refundable ;  we will come back with an update soon!

About the second project:

Title : “Social inclusion through street art”

Dates: 7-15 July 2011

Number of participants: 6+2 leaders

Ages: 2 participants 15-17, 4 participants 18-25 (preferably 18-21)

Venue: Palanga, Lithuania

Project description: The Multilateral Youth Exchange”Social inclusion through street art” will be held in Palanga/Lithuania  on 7-15 July 2011 (7 days excluding travel days), and will have 24 participants and 8 group leaders from Lithuania, Poland, Romania and Turkey. Our theme is social inclusion through street art and intercultural co-operation. We would like to prove that street culture and its components like hip-hop, rap music, graffiti have nothing to do with criminal activities and violence. We wish to sweep this stereotype away. The other aims of the project are: development of social consciousness, promotion of European co-operation in the youth field (intercultural dialogue), comparison of street art components in partner countries.We will have opportunity to promote our hip-hop, rap and graffiti art skills which may have some local influences. We will organize street events and learn the legal procedure to hold street events. We will use non-formal methods to realise this project such as: town game, drama, dance and graffiti workshops etc. Movies and performances based on the street cultures of the partner countries will be made. Street performances such as Flashmob, street dance and graffiti will be held. We will co-operate for a final performance of dance/graffiti as the outcome of the project.

Transport: Plane+ bus. Costs: 375 euro/person for plane ticket and 45 euro/person for train transport. 70% refundable

Selection criteria: Age, Language skills, Interests related to the theme and tools, Previous experience, Motivation

Application process: for further information/questions and for the application form write at strimbeid@gmail.com. Afterwards, send the application form filled, saved in pdf format with the title:   Name.Surname.Socialinc.pdf / Name.Surname.History.pdf to the addresses: strimbeid@gmail.com, volodeamateevici@gmail.com.

Deadline for applications: 1th of May


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